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JCAATs 3.4 - Transforming Auditing Discover the Future of Auditing with AI Features

  • User-friendly interface in 7 languages
  • Powerful text mining for smarter audits
  • Introducing SPLIT: A game-changing audit command
  • Improved digital audit sampling
  • Automate with ease using BAT packaging

Experience Audit Automation Today with JCAATs 3.4

Python- Based Audit Software- Modern Tools for Modern Time

JCAATs is a Python-based general audit software. It is not only data analysis, such as traditional computer-aided audit tools (CAATs), but also includes many artificial intelligence functions, such as Text Mining, Machine Learning, Data Crawler, etc.. It allows auditor to do smart auditing. JCAATs has an open data architecture which can connect with major Databases, Cloud Data Sources, multiple Data File Types and ACL project. You can clean and merge data easily by using its data function functions. Its friendly visualized user interface allows auditors to complete their audit scripts easy and quick, even they are not familiar with computing. JCAATs is the only general audit software which can be run in both Mac and PC. Are you still using the old-style audit software? JCAATs audit software is the AI era product, the new future of the auditing industry, and the best auditing software choice for you.

Follow the AICPA audit data standards, powerful functions, easy to operate, and improve audit insight

  • AI machine learning Capabilities
  • Artificial intelligence text mining function
  • Audit Robotic Automation Features
  • Intelligent mass data fusion

JCAATs Introduction Video

JCAATs AI Audit Learning Ecosystem

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